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Update Oct 29 2014:

Donna is proud to announce new programs - Updated Dec 9 2011:

NEW Program - Starting Jan 2012...

Women's combo fitness class, click here to learn more.

NEW Program - Mom & Baby Salsa...Click on Image to see full sized picture

Mom & Baby Fit: Mondays 11:00, and Mom & Baby Salsa Wed 11:00,

Mom & Baby Salsa:

With your baby safely snuggled in a carrier, you will move and groove to lively Latin rhythms! Basic Salsa steps and moves that will strengthen and tone muscles and burn calories, to help you get back your pre-baby figure!

Program runs at the Nepean Sportplex, 1701 Woodroffe Avenue - see  below for more information and to register.

Click on Image to see full sized picture
Mom & baby salsa class, spring 2011, last class, Monday June 13, 2011

Pre and Post Natal / Parent and Me / Mom and Baby Salsa

With your baby safely snuggled in a carrier, move and groove to lively Latin rhythms! Basic Salsa steps and moves that strengthen and tone muscles and burn calories, to get back your pre-baby figure!

To register call / visit - Nepean Sportsplex – 613-580-2828

Mon 11 am-noon --> Sep 20-Dec 13 $81 450506   //   Jan 3-Mar 7 $60 75 460561

Wed 11 am-noon --> Sep 22-Dec 8 $81 457626   //   Jan 5-Mar 9 $67 50 460570

UPDATED: Starting in April 2011 / June 2011 - Family Hoop Dance...

Not just hooping around the waist or for kids anymore!! On and off the body, you will be moving in ways you never imagined! Great for full body work out that is so much fun you would never believe you're exercising! Embrace your inner child!

Hoop Dancing is a great cardiovascular workout that builds muscle tone and has you feeling good at the same time! Have fun, work up a sweat, shape your core, and feel sexy! The custom hoops used are not kids’ hula hoops; they are 4 feet in diameter and a little heavier, allowing them to rotate more slowly around your body. This means that even if you think you can't hoop, with one of these hoops you can regardless of age, size, or sense of rhythm. Before you know it, you'll be keeping the momentum going while learning tricks. The whole class is set to upbeat music and no experience is necessary. Hoops are provided or are available to purchase. Please wear non-slippery yoga clothes. Age 13 and over.

Location change to:

Carlingwood YMCA: 200 lockhart 613-729-7131 web site

Child Expressions: wed 4:15 - 5:15: Kids can learn different tricks and express themselves freely through hooping, dance, rope jumping and arts & crafts.

Instructor: Donna Labonte first love of dance began as a child taking lessons in tap baton & jazz at Dovercourt community centre and realized then that she loved dancing and performing. Since then she has continued to pursue her passion and performs and teaches a number of dance styles.

All 10 evaluations by my students indicated "Exceeded Expectations". PERFECT ATTENDANCE for 6 out of 8 classes for "Salsa Fit".

See what students had to say..:

  • "The teacher was great!! A very pleasant atmosphere."
  • "How has this course benefited you?" "Definitely!" It was fun & now I know some good moves."
  • "It gave me the incentive to join other fitness classes. It increased my cardio-- I LOVED IT!"
  • "Help me to practice what I like that is dancing"
  • "Interact with the group, the fun, the exercises"
  • "It's great!"
  • "Learned new salsa moves got me moving"
  • "I enjoyed learning the various dance steps and the other members of the class were a pleasure to be around."
  • "Exercises, fun, learned how to dance and laughed, the repetition was great"
  • "I had a good time. learned something & had a workout .. constant movement encouragement and agility increase"
  • "Got me some physical activity, learned how to dance."

Program - "Child Expressions"

Kids of all ages can have fun experimenting in Hoop Dance with different on and off body tricks in hooping! A variety of childrens games followed by arts and crafts, wednesdays 3:15 Carlingwood YMCA 613-729-7131, 200 Lockhart Ave behind Carlingwood mall.

Program - "Jump Rope Club"

Kids who love to jump rope can learn amazing new tricks and have a show at the end of the session. Learn skills such as double dutch, singel rope, plus free style. In partnership with Bill Chong's Sport Programs. Ages 7- 12 yrs old. See below for locations.

LOCATIONS / Addresses / Contact information for various programs:
Walter Baker Sports Centre

613-580-2424 ext. 41208
6-12 yrs Mon 6-7 pm
Sep 15-Nov 24 $67.75 357559
Jan 12-Mar 30 $67.75 358807

Dovercourt Recreation Center

411 Dovercourt Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K2A 0S9
(613) 798-8950 / FAX - (613) 798-1279


Girls and Sports
Girls n' Women and Sport 613-580-2854
Girls Skipping Club!
Girls who love to skip can learn amazing new tricks and have a show at the end of the session!
J. A. Dulude Arena - 6-12 yrs Fri 6-7 pm
Oct 1-Nov 26 $65.50 369600 // Jan 7-Mar 4 $65.50 369607

City of Ottawa Youth Sports Programs Link
(Program Listed @ Page 20 PDF / Page 47 Document)

Click here

Past Experience

Donna taught at Stats Can Fitness Centre for 2 consecutive years freestyle salsa-cha cha-rumba classes, and is now a casual instructor for special occasions.

  Donna specializes in Latino dancing, but also teaches a variety such as Waltz, Fox-trot, swing, even two-step on request, hence the name salsa Chameleon. Starting with the meringue, a fast-paced Dominican dance, on to Bachata, (meaning ‘ballad’ in Spanish) a slow-moving latin dance, finally, on to the fast-paced Salsa! The most ‘addicting’ of dances, being the most popular dance in the world as it stands now!  

Interested in setting a theme of Latin dancing at your party? We’ve done it before, we’d put on a show and teach everyone at your party to dance the latin way. Or, it could be swing or two-step.

For a 2 hour party which includes show and teaching basic steps :
  $ 100 (Ottawa area)
$ 150 (out of town areas like Almonte and Renfrew)
One hour instructor : $ 50 / hour  
One hour with 2 instructors and a little demo : $ 100 / hour  

"Donna taught at Franco-Ouest High School for her
dance student, Marina, on the left of her, it was a blast!!"

Click on image to see full size

Click on image to see full size

A great time was had by all learning Merengue, Cha Cha and Salsa
Private party taught at the restaurant “La Ferme du Terroir” in Val des Monts on St.
Patrick’s day, for the 47th wedding anniversary of Lucie’s parents. Bill is dancing
with Lucie while Donna shows some steps to her brother.


  Social: meet lots of people, make new friends

  Exercise! Too many people overweight these days! Don’t become a statistic!

  Therapeutic! A great way of forgetting your troubles is to dance!

  A great outing! Everybody needs to get away! Get out of the house!

  Celebration! That is the meaning of dance!

  Brings couples closer together! Gives couples something romantic to do together!

  Learn to dance to the music you love! Dance to your favorite music!

  Confidence! When you become a good dancer, your confidence soars!

  Learn a new skill… the list goes on….

"Judy and I have had the pleasure of learning Salsa dancing with the great help of Donna. She is full of spirit, enthusiasm, knowledge and most of all patience. My two left feet are starting to realign themselves so that I can almost fit into dancing shoes. Donna has been a jewel to learn from and we would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn latin dancing and enjoy it at the same time.

Thanks Donna"
Marc & Judy      

Donna’s first love of dance began as a child taking lessons in tap baton & jazz at Dovercourt community centre for 3 years and realized then that she loved dancing and performing.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio training in Ballroom & Latin dancing 1993 – 1996;

CAN-DO Regional Match April 1995, 1st place Pro Mix, CAN-DO Regional Match 3rd Place Novice Division;

Let’s Dance 1 yr training in social ballroom dancing and basic salsa; became salsaholic in 1997;

Won 1st place salsa competition at La Isla in Ottawa in June 1998;

Salsa competition at ‘La Isla’ in June 1999, 4th place;

Participated in Toronto salsa congress in April 2000.

Performed at various events and shows with ‘salsafanatics’ dance team, such as the Ottawa salsa congress in Nov 2001, and Nov 2002, the Great Canadian Fitness Expo Aug 11, 2002, carnival of cultures in April 2003, just to name a few.

Started SALSA CHAMELEON DANCE PRODUCTIONS in June of 2003, which is a mix of salsa, hip-hop lifts and acrobatics!

Our first show for Salsa Chameleon was on Nov 22, 2003 at Cedarview Golf Club, their annual party. We did a show in swing ‘shake, rattle & roll’ and taught everyone some basic steps in the swing.

It was the 3rd year in a row teaching and performing at their annual party, and it was a success!! Now, Salsa Chameleon is in the process of learning hip-hop.

Languages: English, conversation French and learning Spanish

Bill is an accomplished athlete who is a 5th Degree Black Belt in Tao Zen Chuan Karate, Senior Men’s Canadian Taekwon-Do Blue Belt Sparring champion, North American Endurance Rope Jumping Record Holder, National, All-Japan and World Power Rope Jumping Champion, University’s Men’s Team Gymnastic Champion, and founder of the new sport of Acro-Roping (acrobatic rope jumping).

Bill also has Level 1 Gymnastic and Trampoline Coaching Certification and Level II Trampoline Certification through the N.C.C.P. and over 27 years of coaching experience. Bill is also founder and Master Instructor for the Martial Arts for Movies Demo Team (MAFM) that was founded in 1997.

With this coaching and teaching experience, makes Bill at ease at teaching anything, including Salsa and Ballroom. Bill started in Ballroom in 1996, and started in salsa in 1999. He did a salsa competition which included his acro-roping and gymnastics with Donna after only 4 weeks of salsa, literally!

In year 2000, he joined ‘Salsa Fever’ and joined ‘SalsaFanatics’ in 2001. After doing many shows including Carnival of Cultures, Salsa Congress, etc, together Bill and Donna left SalsaFanatics and started Salsa Chameleon in 2003.

The first show as ‘Salsa Chameleon’ was at Cedarview Golf Club on Nov. 22, where they did a show in Swing and taught everyone some basic swing steps.

It was a success! Bill did a little bit of his gymnastics in the swing routine, which gave it an extra punch!

Languages: Five languages in French, English, Spanish, Italian and some basic Japanese. Bill has a Bachelor of Arts in French studies from York University in Toronto. Bill’s command of the French language has come in handy at several occasions at parties that we have taught at. (Levasseur family reuning where 70% of the crowd was French.)


Contact Donna to get your link here.

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